The inhabitants of the Mud Whale prepare for the attack in four days' time. Urumi and her friends talk to Lykos, offer her some new clothes, and ask her about the upcoming attack. At a meeting between Suou and his aides, the elder Lasha appears, and questions if what they are doing is really the right thing. Meanwhile, Nibi recalls his past with Ouni, whose origins seem to be a mystery. After getting thrown into the bowels together after a fight, Nibi promises to take Ouni to the outside world, and they become friends. Chakuro meets Aima, Neri's twin sister, who promises to tell him all of the secrets of the Mud Whale if he comes back alive from the attack on Skylos. Suou gives a final speech to the inhabitants of the Mud Whale, and they have a moment of brevity in the Sand Festival. On the day of the attack, a sandstorm occurs, reducing visibility. Chakuro, Lykos, Ouni, and Ginshu are all chosen to take part in the attack on Skylos. Nibi demands to be taken along as well. As the attack team prepares to leave, they see the first attackers from Skylos.

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