Children of the Whales incorporates a fair amount of Greek terminology, both as names for characters and as terms for some of the places in its world. The purpose of this list is to gather and translate all of the Greek terms in the series.

English term Kanji Greek Meaning in Greek Usage
Aftí アフティ αυτί Ear True name of a certain character
Aíma エマ αίμα Blood Character, but also seems

to be a generic term

for something on the ships.

Antícheiras アディヒラス αντίχειρας Thumb Character
Ánthropos アンスロポス άνθρωπος Human The name of the great Nous

of the Allied Empire

Apátheia アパトイア απάθεια Apathy It is the term that the

emotionless soldiers of

the Allied Empire are called.

Aráchni アラフニ αράχνη Spider Character
Atsáli アツァリ ατσάλι Steel Character
Broúntzos ブルゾス μπρούντζος Bronze Character
Chalkós ハルコス χαλκός Copper Character
Chasmouritó ハスムリト χασμουρητό Yawn Character
Dáchtylo ダクティラ δάχτυλα Finger Character
Daímonas デモナス δαίμονας Demon An artificial human with

incredibly strong thymia

Deíktis ディクティス δείκτης Index finger Character
Dímios δήμιος Executioner Used by Aíma in her song.
Dónti ドディ δόντι Tooth Character
Dýo ズィオ δύο Two Character
Ekató エカト εκατό Hundred Character
Ekklisía エクレシア Εκκλησία Church The Allied Empire's

highest legislative body

Fálaina ファレナ φάλαινα Whale The true name of the Mud Whale.
Foní フォニ φωνή Voice Character
Ftérna フテルナ φτέρνα Heel Character
Grýlos グリロス γρύλος Cricket Character
Itia イティア Ιτιά Willow Character
Karcharías カルハリアス καρχαρίας Shark Nous and a battleship
Kathartírio カサルティリオ καθαρτήριο Purgatory The name given to the

apocalypse by the

Allied Empire.

Kókalo コカロ κόκαλο Bone Creatures that are able to

steer the Nous ships

Kýma キマ κύμα Wave Character
Liontári リョダリ λιοντάρι Lion Character
Lýkos[1] リコス λύκος Wolf Character and a Nous
Mélissa メリサ μέλισσα Bee Character
Midén ミゼン μηδέν Zero Character
Nous ヌース νους Mind The name of the creatures

that act as the hearts

of the ships on the sea of sand.

Olivínis オリヴィニス ολιβίνης Olivine Character
Orca オルカ όρκα Killer Whale Character
Pagóni パゴニ παγώνι Peacock Character
Parámesos パラメソス παράμεσος Ring finger Character
Rochalízo ロハリト ροχαλίζω Snore Character
Sárka サルクス σάρκα Flesh An item eaten by

higher-ranking imperials

used to bring back emotions

Skyros スキロス Σκύρος Name of Greek island[2] Used as a name for a sand ship.
Télos vrochí τελος βροχη Rain End The name of the calendar

that the Allied Empire uses

Thymia サイミア Θυμία An intense

feeling of passion

The name of the powers used

in the series.

Tzitzíki ズィズィキ τζιτζίκι Cicada Character

Footnotes Edit

  1. Although the Nous retains the traditional spelling of Lýkos, the character with the same name uses a y instead of a ý in her name, perhaps to differentiate the two.
  2. The ship's name can alternatively be translated as Skylos (σκύλος), the Greek word for dog, which would fit with the theme of naming ships after animals in the series.