Suou all

Kanji スオウ, Suou
Alias "Suocchi" (by Ginshu)
Type Unmarked
Gender Male
Birthday April 10 (Aries)
Age 17
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Mayor of the Mud Whale
Affiliation Mud Whale
Personal Status
Relatives Sami (younger sister, deceased)
Mother (deceased)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Nobunaga Shimazaki
English Bryce Papenbrook
Actor Tsubasa Sakiyama (2016, 2018)
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Suou is a character in Children of the Whales. He is one of the Unmarked that make up about 10% of the Mud Whale’s population, and the most likely candidate for the next mayor.


He has long, light green hair and blue eyes. His hair is tied back into a low ponytail. He wears a long, white robe with green along the edges, and a green bow along his waist. He wears white pants and brown shoes.


Suou is very kind and benevolent and treats everyone equally. He always sees the best in people and prefers to avoid violence. Being a patient, fair and reliable person, Chakuro and the other Marked trust in him.


In the year of 90, Sami and Suou lost their mother[1].

Plot Edit

During the first attack on the Mud Whale by the Allied Empire, Suou attempts to stop the battle by speaking to them, but stops his attempt once he sees Ouni kill some of the invading soldiers. After the funeral of those murdered in the first attack, Suou is officially appointed mayor of the Mud Whale, and is told of the Council of Elders' plans to sink the ship. Horrified, he tries to stop them, but is knocked out and imprisoned beneath the ship. After the Council of Elders' plans fail, Hakuji releases him.

He then announces to the citizens of the Mud Whale that they will fight back against the invading forces. During the invasion, he at first hides inside the towers like the other Unmarked, but later grabs a sword and heads out to fight. When he sees Hakuji fall, he rushes over to him to hear his dying words, but they are interrupted by Liontari, who kills Hakuji. Suou attempts to fight Liontari, but is easily beaten. But before Liontari can kill him, Suou is saved by Shuan.

During the fight between Liontari and Shuan, Suou finds and injured child and holds her. Then, due to the Nous, Suou sees Liontari's past. Suou then grabs Liontari's leg, and tells him that he can stay on the Mud Whale. Before he can answer, Liontari is attacked by Shuan, who tells Suou that the inhabitants of the Mud Whale will never live with someone who killed so many of their own. Right before Shuan is about to finish Liontari off, Suou stops him, and tells him to focus more on protecting the inhabitants of the Mud Whale.


Chakuro - Chakuro was close friends with Sami, and appeared to be friends with him as well. After Sami's death, the two comforted each other, and Suou gave one of Sami's ribbons to Chakuro, showing that he realizes how important she was to him.



  • Suou is named after a Japanese color meaning "Raspberry red."[2]
  • Due to his position as mayor, Suou is expected to never marry.[3]

References Edit

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